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Merc Pyro PvP Build


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I'm bored at work so I figured I'd throw out my new and slightly improved PvP Merc Pyro build. I have not seen this exact build suggested so I figured I'd post it. Sorry if my paragraphs get too long and I ramble on. It may be hard to follow if you are a newer Merc. Please feel free to make any suggestions or ask for my reasoning in any choices I made.


For Pyro Mercs, there are very few choices when it comes to our build. Those small choices are the only things that set builds apart.




This build has 32 points in Pyro. Most Pyro builds would only have 31 but the difference in my build is that I don't have 3 skill points to reduce pushback on my Power Shots (from Arsenal tree).


Reduced Cast Time for Heals

I feel a "standard" Pyro build would have no points in bodyguard, and 3 points in reduced pushback. My build takes those 3 points and puts 2 of them in the tier 1 bodyguard skill to reduce heal cast time. The reason I feel this skill is important is because although you are not a healer, you should still heal in certain situations. In a 3v2 or a 2v1, you should use heals to keep your extra teammate alive. In many 2 on 1, the 1 guy can still kill one of the 2 before he dies. You need to heal to prevent this.


Energy Rebounder (for lower CD on Energy Shield)

The third extra point is used in Energy Rebounder to reduce CD on our Energy Shield. This single point only gives a 50% chance to lower CD....but it checks each time you take damage, and can only occur every 1.5 seconds. Therefore, you don't need the 2nd skill point to make it 100%. It will activate plenty at 50% since you frequently can take damage from multiple sources at once. That extra skill point (that I dont use here) can be better used in Automated Defenses.


*Note that Energy Rebounder is very useful because of Degauss. It removes snares/roots etc. This is a huge defense against melee toons. When you get lept at and you dont have a stun or KB, you can pop your shield which protects you, as well as unroots you.


Automated Defenses

A "standard" Pyro build may or may not use 2 points in Automated Defenses. Prior to this build that I am posting, I did not take this skill but instead used the 2 points in Energy Rebounder (above). But I recently realized that Energy Rebounder actually only really needs 1 point. Its Automated Defenses that requires 2 points for it to really be effective. So thats why AD gets 2 points, but Energy Rebounder (which is better) only gets 1. Its a way to have your cake and eat it too.


Skills Not Used (Pyro Tree)

Integrated Cardio Package (only spend 2 points in this box, not 3)

Energy Rebounder (only spend 1 point in this box, not 2)

System Calibrations (no need for alacrity)

Gyroscopic Alignment Jets (actually not bad, but there are better things to take)

Infrared Sensors (the defense boost won't make any difference at all, unfortunately)



This build is probably 95% the same as most people's Merc Pyro build. I feel the new hotness is from how I configured Energy Rebounder and Automated Defenses. It was there all along, I just never saw it.



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