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New (sub) player here. I've always played tanking classes in games. My question is, which type of tanks are the most viable, and why? I'm use to playing the standard "in your face" (sword & board) type of tank, but would welcome a change if the evasive or ranged style can hold their own. I also realize it's the player that makes the class and not the other way around, but I was curious if there were any faults between (or in comparison to) the different styles. Thanks!
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There are 3 tanking advanced classes in this game:


Jedi Shadow / Sith Assassin


Vanguard / Powertech


Jedi Guardian / Sith Juggernaut


All are melee tanks ( i mean you need, or should be in melee range while tanking), though you might see somewhere that people say that vanguard / powertech is not. Yes, you can use few abilities from distance, but to be most effective, every tanking class needs to be in melee range.


- Technically speaking, vanguard / powertech is the easiest tanking class to play. You have easy threat managment, very simple rotation and highest passive mitigation. Basically it means that for some people tanking with this class is not challenging / fun (but as I say, it depends on person). Good thing is that simple rotation and not having to worry about defensive cooldowns too much, you can focus on interrupting abilities, and pay more attention to executing tactic / fight mechanics better.


As for Jedi Guardian / Sith Juggernaut, I would say this class is similar to WoW's warrior (if you played wow you know what I mean). In comparison to powertech / vanguard, this class has lower passive mitigation and requires more skill / attention to play well. Guarians/Warriors have the most powerful defensive abilities in game, but on the longest cooldown. You could say that they are the most capable of surviving very high spike portion of damage in short time. More complex rotation and I think the lowest threat generation make it harder to hold aggroo, especially when you fight with groups of mobs. However, while you won't probably see a difference betwen good and great player who is tanking as vanguard / powertech, there is definitely more room for individual skills while tanking as guardian/juggernaut. I have been playing warrior since release and I must say that it is my favourite tanking class - challenging, and therefore fun.


As for shadow / assassin I can not tell you much as I never played one to high level. However from what I have heard they have very well threat generation + pretty powerful defensive abilites with short cooldown. When you play one, you need to constantly watch your cooldowns so you make most use of them. Same as with guardian/juggernaut, there is room for player's skill to make a difference in class;)


Remember though, every tanking class in this game is perfectly viable in every content, there is no better/worse. Yes, there are differences, but minor ones which don't have impact on end game for example;)


Hope I helped you a bit;)

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