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Keep it up BW.


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Just wanted to start something with a more positive tone.


Keep up the good work BW.


Letting people in early is a cool thing to do. Opening the gates slowly, rather than all at once on release day, is a smart thing to do. The constant updates to the status of deployment is also appreciated.


To all of those who're threatening to cancel their order, but likely won't, because they weren't first in line... your community will be better off without them anyway.



To the ragers...


Seriously, how may deployments have gone well in recent years? Games are released all at once and things collapse. Much better to go through this and having things stable on day one. You're lucky to even have the opportunity to get in prior to release. Besides, you were going to buy the game anyway, it's not like you payed a premium to preorder it.


Have some patience ffs.


Edit: don't know how this ended up in the wrong forum, meant to be in general. Having some wierd lag issues with my browser. Mods please relocate.

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