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What PvP needs.


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Hello everyone! I will be discussing what changes, improvements and additions could be added to help pvp in this game. As a weekend beta testers way back when, the first thing that was so awesome about pvp in this game was the fact that it was very visual. With that said I knew this game had great potential from that very fact, that at the games core, it was enjoyable. As the month's passed by and the excuse the game is still in its infancy became less of a viable excuse. Now I'm not sure if its because the dev's don't care about pvp anymore, or as much as they care about pve content but for me there isn't enough good content for pvpers. I love the four warzones this game has but it doesn't satisfy me anymore being that for the past couple of months that's the only thing I have been doing. Occasionally I'll find someone flagged for pvp in the black hole or a guild hosts a tournament in the out law's den. But this is the community's adding content, when I thought that was the Dev's job.


So here is where my plan fits in. Propose Arena's in this game! a team of 3 vs another team of 3 in two-three basic arena maps is low cost, and has high replay value. If the RPers flip out about this well just say it's Hutt runned and is optional way to pvp. I will say this the dev's balance this game fairly well compared to other mmo's but of course further pvp balance is required.


World pvp is a bigger undertaking and I think world pvp should be added when most people are able to play with their computer. I remember the zerg fests on ilum where people's $1000 rigs couldn't handle it, so Improvements to the game's engine must be added. I like it when Dev's do something new but sometimes copying an idea from another game isn't a bad idea. Taking WoW's que to enter into world pvp was real nice, There were obvious objectives to it and it wasn't a total zerg fest.


More warzones. Swtor's warzones are of very high quality and are very unique from each other. I understand that the dev's can't pump out a warzone a week, but still 4 warzone's is a bit low to today's mmo standard. My favorite patch to this game was the server merger due to more players introduced into the pvp environment. With that said, I wouldn't want cross server ques for normal warzones, Being that we fight ever one on the same server it adds to the Connection to the community.


Finally ranked warzones. Ranked Warzones have been a miss. So far Ranked has only brought guild issues and drama to my server. Where a few guilds dominate ranked on the server, and cause other's to not even bother to que. This can be fixed. Cross server ranked will help salvage this huge miss. Where Groups can compete against close to equal groups in competitive matches.


Sorry for the run on's and the wall of text. This came as a rant due to unsubscribing tonight, I had high hopes for this game and I will keep my eyes on it. I thought I'd propose my idea's and hopefully they will be answered.


logging off, your boy kilberto =(

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