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Dusk Nine


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Alright before I start I will say a few things. First that this contains some spoliers to the Trooper storyline so if you do not want to see anything from the storyline then this will be your warning. I am not a great writer but I am going to try to write this all down. Alright well here I go now.


Chapter One

Several months after Havoc Squad led by the Miralian Clagalish captured Rakton they were sent on their first mission after their leave. They were sent to investigate a distress signal from a Republic frigate in Hutt Space. The special forces squad was only a few minutes from reaching the last known location of the frigate. In the briefing room of the Thunderclap Clagalish and Aric were discussing the mission.


"They wouldn't send us on this mission unless it was important sir," Aric told the major.

"True we were only told the frigate was going to dock on Nar Shadda but for reasons unknown," Clagalish replied.


By now the Thunderclap was out of Hyperspace and Clagalish went up to bridge. He saw the frigate with engines offline with three Imperial destroyers guarding it. The one in the middle activated a tractor beam on the Thunderclap and it slowly drifted the ship. The major quickly ran up to the nearby intercom and activated it.

"Everyone prepare for battle this was a trap!" Clagalish quickly yelled into it.


Havoc Squad was prepared when the ship was in the hanger and everyone went outside of the Thunderclap ready for battle. Imperial troopers got into formation but only aimed their guns at the squad and Havoc did the same. Suddenly two people entered the hanger and walked up to the Imperial troops. The first man was wearing a uniform similar to one of a Moff while the second one was bigger than the rest of the Imperials and wore a black ops uniform.


"Well I guess this must be the legendary Havoc Squad," The Moff said.

"Yeah that's us but who are you and what do you want?" Clagalish asked the Moff.

"Oh do forgive me I am Grand Moff Regus and I want you and your squad to surrender," Regus informed the squad.

"Why should we?" Aric asked aiming his blaster rifle at Regus.

"I believe you should what we ask of you to do afterall the frigate still has Republic soldiers in it," Regus said.

"Give me and my squad time to talk about it," Clagalish told the Grand Moff.

"Very well major but no escape attempts we still can destroy the frigate,' Regus said as the squad departed.


Havoc Squad regrouped in the briefing room to discuss their next move which was not easy due to the fact everyone having different opinions on the matter.

"We know the Grand Moff is here now is our chance to take him down," Aric said.

"There are soldiers back in that frigate and us surrendering will be the only way to save them," Elara replied.

"Still I am sure if I can get some explosives in we may be able to destroy all of the destroyers," Vik suggested.

"Yuun thinks the soldiers should be saved so they can fight another day," Yuun told everyone.

"Still Havoc Squad is the best of the best not prisoners to the Empire and maybe the major should pick," Forex said.


After this everyone went back to their posts except Clagalish who went to his quarters to think in peace. Clagalish made many choices like this before but they were always hard to do. Eventually the major made up his mind and called everyone back outside of the Thunderclap. Regus arrived again with more soldiers when Havoc arrived again. He looked at the squad waiting for their answer.

"I have decided we will turn ourselves in so the Republic soldiers will live and fight again," Clagalish told Regus.

"Good we have the perfect idea on what to do with the Republic's best.

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Chapter Two

Clagalish continued to stare out of his cell that he has been in for days. He was still in the destroyer but it was now in Imperial space so there was little chance of escape now. The only good thing about this was that the Imperials kept their end of the deal too. He had little idea where everyone else in the squad was too which brought the Major down. Eventually Clagalish was told that the Grand Moff wanted to see him. He was escorted to the bridge where Regus was waiting.

"Major there you are at last," Regus said but did not look at the Major.

"This better be important," Clagalis told the Grand Moff.


The Grand Moff pointed to a holotransmitter and played a recording. Rakton's image appeared on the transmitter and the recording began.


"Grand Moff I have information to believe you have captured Havoc Squad you are to bring them to me so they can be given a painful execution," Rakton demanded then the recording ended.

"So why didn't you turn me in?" Clagalish asked Regus.

"Rakton changed since you gave him back to us and I believe he just wants you and your squad gone," Regus answered. "I would of helped him before but not now but he will get you one way or another," Regus informed the Major.

"So is that it?" Clagalish asked the Grand Moff.

"No I am here to offer you a deal," Regus told the Major.

"Talk quick Regus," Clagalish replied hoping he wouldn't regret doing so.

"I will have you and your squad transported to Dusk Nine, a POW labor camp that only the "special" go to," The Grand Moff told Clagalish. "Rakton will be visting it in a few months to see how the camp is working out," Regus continued. "You and your squad must prepare a plan to escape and end Rakton once and for all," Regus concluded.


Clagalish was surprised that the Grand Moff was aiding him but he still didn't trust him.

"Why would you want us to kill one of the generals in the Imperial Military?" Clagalish asked Regus.

"Rakton will throw all his forces at your squad and that will cost us the war," Regus told the Major.

"Very well Regus I will help but after this we will go back to enemies," Clagalish told Regus.

"Agreed Major and one last thing Forex can't go to Dusk Nine right now but do not worry the droid will make it before Rakton does," Regus informed Clagalish.

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Chapter Three

After a few days Clagalish awoke in a different cell. He could tell it was not another ship so he assumed this was Dusk Nine. Clagalish was then worried that he had no idea where the rest of his squad was. If they were going to stand a chance at taking Rakton down again Havoc would be needed a full strength. Clagalish decided he would need more rest and went back to sleep.


Clagalish woke up to an Imperial guard screaming at him to wake up. The guard then brutally dragged the Major out of his cell and threw him on the ground. When he got back up he saw a tunnel with many other prisoners walking into it. He decided to follow the prisoners into the tunnel and found himself in some sort of mine. A prisoner handed Clagalish a vibroshovel and ran off to start mining. Clagalish did the same hoping that he can re-group with the rest of Havoc soon.


A week went by with Clagalish mining for something unknown to the major. When returning to his cell he was grabbed and pulled away from the prisoners he was walking with. When he was released Clagalish looked in the direction of the person who grabbed him.

"Yuun!" Clagalish said looking right at the Gand.

"No time for greetings Yuun might of found a way to find everyone else if they are here," Yuun said and pointed to a guard tower.

"Alright let's not waste more time now is the chance to find where the rest of Havoc Squad is," Clagalish ordered and they both ran towards the tower.

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