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An in-depth look at: Count Dooku- Sith Lord


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"Powerful you have become Dooku. The Dark Side, I sense in you."- Jedi Master Yoda


Count Dooku is most remembered for his deeds as a Sith Lord. Our story continues...


After the newly annointed Darth Tyranus killed Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, he took the dead Jedi to Serenno and placed him in storage. The dead Jedi would be useful to Darth Sidious in completing his plans.


Dooku retired from public life in order to further the agenda of his master, as well as his own. Dooku traveled to Geonosis to meet future ally Poggle the Lesser, and impressed him with his knowledge of Geonosian sailing vessels. So impressed, the Archduke granted Dooku a Punworrca 116-class interstellar sloop as a gift. Dooku then equipped the ship with an exotic solar sail that he acquired from the Gree Enclave, which allowed the ship to travel through hyperspace without a hyperdrive. This vessel would serve as Dooku's personal starship for the rest of his life.


Dooku continued his Sith training in a deserted industrial region on Coruscant called The Works. The Works was hidden from prying eyes and allowed Darth Sidious to continue his new apprentices training in secret. But other matters needed attending to. Darth Sidious learned of a criminal organization called the Bando Gora. The cult was dealing in all manners of illegal activity, activity that could interrupt the plan of the Sith if left unchecked. The cult was lead by Dooku's former Padawan Komari Vosa, whom Dooku left alive as an "experiment". Greatly displeased, Sidious commanded Dooku to kill Vosa and stop the Bando Gora.


Sidious also commanded Dooku to find a template for the Clone Army, a template that could kill Jedi. Dooku knew of a man that could serve as this template, as well as kill Komari Vosa. Dooku placed a bounty of five million Republic credits on Komari Vosa. This bounty attracted bounty hunters from across the galaxy, but only two would make it to the Bando Gora's lair on Kohlma, a moon of Bogden. The two Bounty Hunters, Montross and Jango Fett, battled on the dark moon until Jango emerged victorious. He then made his way into Vosa's lair and subdued her. Dooku then emerged from the shadows and killed Vosa with the Force.


The two convened later to discuss the past between them. Dooku had uncovered much of what happened at Galidraan, but wished to know what happened to Jango. But Jango didn't trust Dooku, so he poisoned him. The Count feigned defeat in order to get Fett to tell his tale. While Fett talked, Dooku healed himself with the Force. Jango's leverage on Dooku was neutralized and agreed to be his template, in exchange for an unaltered clone for himself.


Years later, Darths Sidious and Tyranus began making preperations for their war on the Republic. Their armies would consist of the droid armies of the Trade Federation, Techno Union, as well as others, to fight this war. But Sidious needed a general to lead this army, a general who could win battles but also kill Jedi. He picked Kaleesh warlord Grievous as his general. The Kaleesh Warlord had previously been a general of the Banking Clan's droid armies, but left to fight a war on his home planet.


Dooku convened with Banking Clan leader San Hill, and hatched a plan to cripple the Kaleesh and rebuild him as a cybord warrior under their control. Dooku arranged for an ion bomb to be planted on Grievous' ship, Martyr, and altered the ship so that Grievous would be ejected when the bomb went off. Dooku found the dying general near the crashed ship and used a heart stun to preserve the dying warrior so he could be shipped to Geonosis. While Grievous was being shipped to Geonosis, Dooku returned to Serreno to draw blood from Master Sifo-Dyas, to put into Grievous.


The Kaleesh general was placed in a cyborg body, retaining part of his brain, his eyes, and a sack of Kaleesh organs. The Count then infused Grievous with the blood of Sifo-Dyas. While the midi-chlorians did not induce Force-sensitivity in Grievous, they did save his life.


Dooku loathed cyborgs, but was pleased with the finished "product". Dooku personally trained Grievous in all seven lightsaber forms, as well as how to kill Jedi (who Grievous dispised) and turned him into an expert duelist. Not only could Grievous hold his own against Jedi, but he could also lead the droid armies into battle. Something Count Dooku had no intention of doing.


Dooku later took control of a Republic communications station in the Tion Hegemony. He broadcasted a communication across the galaxy, condemning the Republic for corruption and called for entire systems to join his cause. His call was met with thousands of systems joining his movement, rallying around the Seperatist movement.


Dooku's plans came to a head when Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray demanded the death of Naboo Senator Padme Amidala. Gunray refused to join Dooku until Padme was dead. This forced Dooku's hand, for the Trade Federation armies would provide the backbone of the Confederate forces. He dispatched Jango Fett to assassinate Padme on Coruscant. However, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi interrupted the assassination and captured Jango's ally Zam Wessel. Jango was forced to kill Zam and flee the planet.


After an encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino, Jango fled to Geonosis to meet with Count Dooku. Dooku was holding a secret meeting with his Seperatist allies. The meeting concluded with the formation of the Confederacy of Independant Systems. But Kenobi had discovered the meeting and attempted to contact the Jedi Council, but he was captured before he could do so.


Dooku decided to interrogate Obi-Wan personally, where he revealed secret information and hoped Obi-Wan would join him. Dooku used the Force to sift through Obi-Wan's brain and look for weak points. Dooku attempted to tell Obi-Wan what Qui-Gon would do in this position, but Obi-Wan refused him. Dooku then told him that Darth Sidious was influencing the Republic, and made one last appeal for Obi-Wan to join him. When he refused, Dooku left Kenobi, mentioning that securing his release would be difficult.


Unfortunately for Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi had made a transmission to Anakin Skywalker before his capture. The young Jedi re-transmitted the message to Coruscant before attempting to rescue him. Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala failed to rescue Obi-Wan and were captured as well, and taken to the Geonosian Execution Arena.


Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme then turned the execution into a farce by escaping their chains and attempting to escape. But Dooku ordered a cadre of destroyer droids to cut them off. Before Dooku could give the order for their deaths, he was confronted by Jedi Master Mace Windu, who had brought two hundred Jedi with him to stop the droid armies. Dooku chastised Master Windu, declaring that they were impossibly outnumbered.


Suddenly, an army of battle droids stormed the arena. The Jedi leapt into battle, but were impossibly outnumbered. As Jedi numbers dwindled, they were cornered by the droid armies. Dooku commanded a cease-fire and praised Mace Windu on his skill in battle, having just killed Jango Fett, and demanded that the Jedi surrender. Mace Windu refused, forcing Dooku's hand.


Before the droids could continue firing, Republic gunships arrived on the scene. Jedi Master Yoda had brought the clone armies down to bear on the droids. The droids were utterly destroyed and the rest of the Jedi escaped to lead their new army into their first battle.


The Clone Army began overwhelming the droid forces, forcing a full retreat. Faced with defeat, Poggle the Lesser gave Count Dooku the plans for the Ultimate Weapon. Dooku planned on taking them to Coruscant, to give them to his master.


Count Dooku fled the battle on his speeder, heading to a secret hangar, but was followed by Obi-Wan and Anakin. The two Jedi confronted him and a battle ensued. Anakin foolishly rushed Dooku, who quickly subdued the young Jedi with a blast of Lightning. He the turned his attention to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Expecting Obi-Wan to use Ataru, like Qui-Gon, Dooku was surprised when he saw Kenobi display Soresu. Dooku switced tactics and quickly dealt with the inexperienced Jedi.


Thinking the fight was over, Dooku attempted to flee, but was attacked by Anakin Skywalker. Kenobi threw his lightsaber to him. Anakin attempted to use two lightsabers, but his inexperience cost him as Dooku handily bested him, cut off one of his arms and Force Pushed him over to Kenobi.


Surely now he could flee Geonosis? Not before Yoda entered the hangar. A confrontation with his former master began. The powerful Jedi easily redirecting Dooku's Force Lightning and batted aside the projectiles Dooku used against him. They both activated their lightsabers and dueled. Yoda's speed and mastery of Ataru proved too much for Dooku. Frustrated that he couldn't beat the diminutive Jedi, Dooku used the Force to topple a power column onto the two wounded Jedi. Forced to break off the duel, Yoda used the Force to stop the column from falling and save Anakin and Obi-Wan. But Dooku had escaped.


Dooku secretly landed on Coruscant in The Works and met with his master to give him good news.


The war had begun...



Dooku's political savvy allowed him to manipulate thousands of systems to join his Seperatist movement. His charisma made him a very influencial figure in service to the Dark Lord.


I hope you enjoyed part 2 of our look at Count Dooku.


If you have a topic you would like to see in the future, post them below or PM me.

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He's quite an idealist, wanted to bring peace to the galaxy by establish a powerful new order and thus became a Sith. That's why he wasn't driven by anger and hate like many corrupted Jedi.


Overall the character is quite similar to Saruman.


He wanted to purge the corruption in the Republic, but got corrupted himself. He's not driven by anger, but there is anger in him. Sidious tricked him into thinking that he wanted to keep the Republic intact while removing the corruption. He was manipulated right to the very end. It's kind of poetic. He manipulated countless people, but was manipulated himself.


He's not exactly like Saruman, but he had the same end goal. Dooku was eventually planning on being Sidious' right hand, while Saruman planned on getting the One Ring for himself. They both wanted power, but how they were going to get there was different.

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Yeah that's why I said he's an idealist, it's not he's not smart enough.

The movie didn't give Dooku enough time and space, we have to look at the EU to understand his character well enough.


I agree. He should have had more screen time. So we have to look at the EU to see and understand his character. He has his flaws, but its what he does with those flaws is what makes him a great character.

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