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Complaint about your cloth disigning


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You have the worst cloth disigns out there in the market.


I got 70 black hole comms and I decided to buy the chest for my "dps" shadow. I wear it and I am ready to hook up some guys on the street..


I mean.. all right, nice cloth for female characters, but who decided that this cloth is applicable for male characters????


I turned it back to the vendor and I got my 60 comms back. Cheers


I found it in the german swtor topics, just to show u what I mean.. http://i.imgur.com/hqwVC.jpg


If you try that cloth on a male character, without chest (female chest), it looks soooo trans gender..


After edit: The only fashion who can save the thing a bit, is the social vendors, I like the balmora a bit and still wondering arround the world and social vendors for better looks.

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