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What to Look Forward To At Level 50


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Not to put dampers on your spirit, but the gaming experience when you hit level 50 is drastically different from the ones you've been having while leveling. Most of your time will be spent doing dailies (every-day missions that give you mats, loot, and of course credits), but you will also be doing lots of raids with your guild members (it's important that you find a good and helpful guild) so that you can slowly but surely get better gear.


It's the same for the pvp side as well, you do dailies for its rewards, and pvp nonstop so that you can gear up to the max. Although I have to say here, pvp-ing when you have just reached level 50 is not going to be very enjoyable, at least not until you can get yourself decently geared.


What you can do besides this, especially on a pvp-server, is go to a planet like Tatooine or Alderaan and be a nuisance to people on the opposite faction. Yes, I know people may fuss when reading this, but there isn't really all that much to do besides raiding and pvp-ing. It breaks the monotony.


SWTOR's greatest strength lies in it's 1-49 bracket leveling experience. At level 50 it's a little wanting, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Finishing your class story if you haven't yet

Belsavis bonus series ---> dailies

Ilum series ---> dailies

Black Hole dailies

Lv. 50/HM flashpoints ---> operations

Try on the recruit PVP set and do WZs ---> get BM gear ---> get WH gear

Gear out companions/max affection

Work up crew skills ---> make credits on AH

Kill world bosses

Initiate wpvp in daily questing areas (BH is best it seems)

High-level space missions

Grind social rank

Hunt datacrons

Gank lowbies on Tatooine/Alderaan/Voss/Hoth

Troll fleet

Troll forums

Roll an alt

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What Prabhunath wrote.


It's really two different games. The leveling is more a story RPG, while endgame is more going on a gearing grind mode, be it for PVE or PVP.


Also, the leveling game is mostly enjoyed solo, while at level 50 the operations and warzones are best enjoyed in a group of friends or guildies. Being alone at level 50 gets old really fast.


Another alternative is to also create a new character and enjoy the leveling again, trying new dialogues and being a totally different person. Even for the same missions, the dialogues can be interpreted completely differently.

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Whats new goal now that leveling is out of the picture?


Fresh 50 you have green or blue 22 lvl armorings, mods, enhancements in your orange set usually

You should gear you up ;)


it's the Recruit armor from PVP fleet terminal

Or Illum and Belsavis heroic Dailies to get purple 22 armorings, mods, enhancements for your orange set


then - HM Flashpoints and SM Tier 1 Operations, to get 24 Columi gear (hear you can also get 23 tionese gear)

then - HM Tier1 Operations and SM Tier2 Operations, to get 25 Rakata gear

then - HM Tier2 Operations (Explosive Conflict and Terror from the deep, to get 26 Campaign gear


and constantly farming your Illum, Belsavis, Black Hole dailies to get money and gear from vendors for daily commendations

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