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Map events to fit into Star Wars


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Hi there,


if such a thread already exists, please point me to it. I have searched, but not found a similar thread.


Goal of the thread

Gather ideas from you how we could fit some of the real world events into SWTOR. I personally feel that having Santa Clause in the game is somewhat flawed, but probably there is something you know out of the fast fan and/or book fiction around Star Wars that could be used to create something similar within SWTOR. If you have an idea how to bend X-Mas to fit into the game, go give it a try and write it down :)


Why events at all?

I feel that they give more life to an MMO. Without regular and irregular events I feel that a game feels more or less dead. But if the in game world changes a bit every now and then to reflect something that is going on in the world out there, why not? Everything that gets variety into a game is a good thing.


Should I restrict my thoughts to holiday events?

No! There could also be something that has no place in the real world. Like “Birthday of the Emperor” or something that relates to an event aside from being a holiday like “Storm Trooping the Colour” (relates to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trooping_the_Colour).



I have read some threads that already deal with the issue: The wish to have events that reflect those in the real world, somehow. For an example Halloween that just takes place now.


Why not having a Ghost Fleet or big Ghost Ship appear that requires investigation? There is Star Wars book out there “Death Troopers” (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Death_Troopers) that deals with a similar topic. It is not the best book of the world, but it would fit into the gloomy atmosphere around Halloween.


The setting could be to have a drop ship next to the Ghost Ship. On that drop ship are scientists, news agents and officials that investigate the issue. Of course there is a need to go into the ship to gather further information. To gather samples of the infected, to install surveillance systems or to get back records from surveillance systems, etc.


The scientists could have discovered that the ship is full of infected crew. That infection shows marks on the infected if they are illuminated with strong orange light. That way we could get something like the orange pumpkins into the game. If an infected is illuminated with that light his skin might shine green or alike.


This counter measure is required as some of the investigation teams that have been sent earlier have been infected, but the infection had not shown its’ symptoms yet. As the disease already has a small stronghold on the drop ship security measures on the drop ship itself are required.

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