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New Marauder looking for guild - social/training


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Hi everyone,


I've just started playing MMOs. I've become bored of my usual FPS staple and want something more involved.


I've rolled myself a Marauder and want to join guild who will help me improve my skills in general (as well as give a regular group for flashpoints). I'm currently level 13 and really enjoyed running the Black Talon flashpoint a couple of times earlier today, although a couple of warzones matches were a good laugh too.


If there are any guilds out there who would take an eager yet inexperienced played then it would be great to hear from you.


IGN: Kaevos

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Hey there, hope your enjoying your swtor experience so far. If your still looking for a guild, we in Wookies are Chewy would be happy to give some guidance/training as such. Feel free to have a look through our forums as it might tell you a bit more about ourself.


Website ----> http://wookiesarechewy.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=250777&sid=b65b32be8f3377417ea256ac604200a9


We are generally a maturish social guild with average age of over 30 + and our main aim is just having fun while killing stuff. We have a recruitment thread on the forums here if you want to read it also




If you have any interest in becoming a member, or just want further info, then feel free to send an ingame mail to Chlori, Maeenya or Jingles.


Otherwise good luck in your search for a guild :)

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