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Hey, is this actually SW or wat?


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So a few things that would spice up the game:


1. It has already been suggested that WZ have a spectator mode. I love that idea, but what would make that mode even more enjoyable? BETTING!!!. I know there are young players, but seriously, if you see nothing "wrong" with impaling people with lightsabers or shooting people with blasters, then gambling credits on wins, kill counts, scores, etc would add a very fun and epic part to WZs, whch brings me to my next idea................


2. POD RACES!!!!! Why are there no pod races in this game? Instead of giving me pets, or other vanity items give me pod racers. Link crafts to pod racer parts. Race for credits/"pink slips". Also put in spectator similar to the above suggestion.


Make it happen Devs :cool: &




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