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it's October 30th and tomorrow is Hallowing. I understand that there isn't hallowing in Star Wars but i'm sure there is an event similar that can be organised or be done. Stop this damn secrecy , fire the person in charge of publicity and hire someone who capable to advertise the event at least a week they happen, give the community something to look forward to.


Make people stop seeing this game as a plain game and give them a social point where they can interact on a social level. Plain things like being able to sit down, and don't tell us that hero engine doesn't support it because that is rubbish, if you can use a script to interact with a taxi, i'm sure you can use the same script.


Every other mayor MMO f2p or sub they are organizing events for this week or for tomorrow and any news about SWTOR, oh yeah you are releasing a patch where it will give you more commendations to do ops and flashpoints, really??!! is that your idea to keep this game, is that the future you want for this game?


This game is going Free-to-Play in November and you are expecting a big number of people to come back or to join this game, and you get an annalist to predict as much as 15 million people will start playing this game once f2p comes. REALLY??!!! get real people, you FAIL to keep 1.5 million people as subscriber what makes you think they will spend any money in the f2p when you aren't giving them any reason to, oh yeah i forgot you are going to make their live impossible and tell them how many benefits they will get a subscriber, and again REALLY??!!


You may think this is a rant from someone who is threatening to leave the game and never come back , blah blah blah, well no i'm a subscriber and i will be a sub even when f2p comes, at least i will for the year or so this game will be on until the server shuts down due to the lack of the people playing because the fail vision of the lead designers and producers and i'm not blaming the designers as i can imagine they worked their butts off for the last 4 years to get this game done but is the top i blame and that is not EA and they are a corporation created for a reason (make money, and they are damn good at it), but the people in charge of producing, organizing tasks, creating groups and telling the developers what to produce and create , yes even when the mayority of you have left this game (company) already even a week before the game went live.



I'm pretty sure you guys at BW read the first line of this post and think , meh, and i'm pretty sure a few people already have told you about the lack of social interaction. Well you claim to listen to the community, I dare you to probe it!!

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