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PVP Improvements


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-I've composed a list of the prime things I see where pvp needs tuning, as well as possible ways of improving.


1. For level 50s, match players with a stat difference cap. When one team has stats too high over the other, the only outcome for the other team is apathy, boredom, and then quiters. I've played many games where one team just sat on an Alderaan turret because it was otherwise pointless. Are we playing pvp or doing crochet?! With such a difference cap the game can become a little more about skill instead of stats, allowing for it to be more than just a competition between how long a kid can play the game compared to someone who has a job. Granted, such is the nature of the game to some degree, but extremes are very dull to endure.


2. Add a couple more maps. Just two more maps would make a huge difference in bringing interest, flavor and longevity to the game.


3. Eliminate the new voice intros and commentary, and in their place make tutorial missions. These would be the same maps but with npcs placed in various places to present a small challenge to the player. The main thing is in order to finish the tutorial the player must accomplish the objectives. Every new player must play them all once or more to pass "basic training" before being allowed to move on to real pvp. The missions could then still be available to play later on. Huttball might present a challenge to program a moving target with which to throw the ball to, but it seems feasible that you could have friendly npcs moving in a general direction, and script them to catch and carry the ball to the endgoal.


p.s. I've personally grown fond of the existing voiceovers with pvp, so the new ones are a bit annoying for their ongoingness and well, just being different. Voices can be turned off altogether, but then you've got to turn them on again for other missions.


Please add your comments, trollings, and cheers.

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