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still lovin it


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been playing since early beat. Have 2 50's and workin on my 3rd. I have been playing games since the 2600 and the com64 and to me swtor is the best mmo out there. They just need to change the reward system. Letting people level quick and get gear easily and quick is a mistake. Sure mmo gamers will say we want to level quicker and make it where i can be a casual gamer and still be poerful but that doesnt work. What makes people keep playing is what they dont have yet or what they still need to do. Kids will ask for sugar and mmo gamers want max lvl and all gear after playing for 3 days lol.


Give out xp, gear, and anything else players want in small amounts so they have to play for months to get what they want. Sure thay will say they dont want that but thats what keeps mmo gamers coming back that building up of power. SWTOr doesnt need to change the game it needs to change how it rewards its players. MMOs are a journey once aperson has the gear, is max level, and can craft anything then they basically have seen the elephant and they stop playing.


Make us put in hard work for accomplishments and gear; dont give us everything with an easy button just because we say we want it and will revolt if we dont get it. Like i said kids want sugar all the time but that doesnt mean we should give it to them. Stop making the game easy and fast to get everything and u will see more people play.


In Biowares defense MMos go against the model of the customer is always right since in this case giving customers the proverbial cheat code just makes them stop playing. The game is great now change the way you dish it out to us. The people who complained about more xp, getting gear faster and making crafting easier are the same people that left once they got everything they wanted.


If you want respect just like a women; you cant give it all up just because we say thats what we want. Its the girl that makes us work for it that we stay with and marry.

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I'm still loving this game too.


I think there's a difference between playing and grinding. I don't want everything to come easily but I don't want to spending hours doing mundane repetitive tasks to get anywhere. If I wanted grind I'd play an Asian MMO.


It may be a bit too easy to get through planets. Doing all the content and playing with a friend the whole way through, I was waaay above the level for nearly every planet. It was still fun, and even after I hit 50 I kept doing all the quests. I wouldn't mind if it took me longer so long as it was just as enjoyable with interesting quests and people to play with.


New content will be added in time which will extend the leveling process and introduce more tiers of gear to acquire for end game. For now Bioware has a couple of issues to deal with, and I think that 1.3 will improve many peoples gaming experience.


To use your awful metaphor, you don't marry the girl that makes your life difficult, you marry the girl that you have fun with.

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