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More Character Customization Options


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This may have already been requested, but I compiled a list of things that I personally would like to see in near future versions.


1) Change Name Option

2) Change Race Option

3) Salon Option: So characters can modify facial features, cosmetics, hair etc.

4) When an item is Bound, it'll be nice if the restriction will allow players to send the item(s) to an alternative toon.


Thanks! :p

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I agree that the character customization needs to more detailed, have more features, and definitely be more in-depth. I've never seen an online game go full out on character customization like you see in Elder Scrolls, Soul Calibur, etc. games. Not only would having those types of character customization in an MMO be a huge step forward in getting more people to play, as well as already existing players creating more characters, it would also be a huge step forward if you were to be the first MMO to do that, sort of leading by example. I somewhat agree with your suggestion about trading Bound gear to other characters, but of course some ill side-effects could come with it, e.g. having a tank in full Campaign gear just getting his gear from his dps toon and he doesn't know how to tank at all, but just has good gear. I still support the idea, but it just depends on how the public uses it.
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