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how about new races for pubs, everyone is basically a freaking human


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how about adding a new race or two to repub side, they are all basically human with either stupid masks or skin color. What you should add is the nautolans, they would make great looking Jedi and also add a variety of abilities to the actual game, everyone seems too much like people, when the republic is a variety of lifeforms. in the game you have them as everything from a jedi to a trooper, but they arent playable. Meanwhile they look so sweet in the armors and it just sets me off that i cant play them. Also i think this is why you also have a heavy Imperial side, they have a larger variety of races to make sith out of, while pubs have basically one choice with either a skin color change or mask option, and twileks dont count, they are the crap option. I doubt anyone would make a twi lek if they were given another option, but thats all they have. Please do something to fix this lopsidedness, Add the nautolan to the republic species for any class, put them on imperial side too if you think you need to, just add them to the game.
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