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new player looking for a helpfull guild


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Hi everyone, i'm currently a level 12 sith jugganaut and i'm looking to progress. i would like to join a guild that won't have a go at me all the time if i make a mistake and will help me become a better tank. I'm on Bacca's blade server btw.


Any suggestions?

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Hey Stuartchad!


Should you wish to look into joining a guild, guilds recruiting would be advertising in the special recruitment subsection within the Server Group Forums. Servers are broken up by type and grouped by alphabet.


You can find more advice on how to find a guild in our New Players Fleet Pass: A Director of Resource in the following guide:


Additionally, we have a wonderful resource that's been created by members of our community, The Ideal Guild Quiz! that may help you find the people you're looking for.


To any guilds reading this, please do not use New Player Help for recruitment, as we do not allow recruitment outside of the designated areas.


We hope this helps and wish you good luck! :jawa_smile:

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