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Best class story


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5.5 stories done so far...



Agent >/= Warrior > Smuggler > Hunter > Consular > Inquisitor


(Consular for me is almost done with Chapter 2, but so far it's fairly dull, but not as dull as Inquisitor was).



Agent is my favorite simply because it offers everything from action to twists, and it has a variety of different endings allowing you to play multiple Agents with different ends.


Warrior is equal or just slightly weaker than Agent. There isn't much diversity in the ending, but the twists are there, and playing both Light or Dark side is fully rewarding in both their own ways.


Smuggler would be next, it is one of the better Republic stories, but it just doesn't have enough going for it to make it top tier with Agent and Warrior. It does have some of the best lines in the game however, and many very impressionable moments.


Hunter is an average story, and it doesn't feel very rewarding one way or another whether you are Light or Dark, and much of the story is repetitive. It does offer a few twists and plenty of action, but beyond that it is pretty much a Vanilla story.


Consular and Inquisitor both are on the bottom. I found the story to be very unengaging for both, though I at least related more to the companions within the Consular story. Both stories are more about how the Force works in mysterious ways and there are very few twists or engaging action to be spoken of. Inquisitor is probably the worst if only because over half the companions that travel with you do so for no real what-so-ever, or even do so remotely because it's the right decision for them, and makes the plot seem contrived that you have to have these people with you. I noticed no discernible differences in playing Dark or Light side, and the endings didn't reflect my choices in any way.

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  • Agent
  • Warrior
  • Knight (not done yet)
  • Inquisitor
  • Bounty Hunter


I definitely like the knight story line better than the last two even though I am not done yet. But I can't say it is better than the Warrior story. I really liked the warrior story, especially the ending of it. I may change my mind about these two (knight and warrior) but for sure the agent story tops them all. Plus you get a fantastic ship!


On a side note, the bounty hunter story is a real yawner. I didn't feel like a bounty hunter, and I certainly didn't like most of the response choices to conversations. I found myself just saying


"Meh, whatever. I guess I will choose 'pay me good' each time."

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So far I've finished Agent and Knight, only doing a little bit of the other classes.


Agent is my favorite so far, being that it seems the most adult-themed and engaging. I'm a huge fan of intrigue, plot twists, etc, and since I played this class after reading the ASOIAF series (Game of Thrones), it was perfect for me. I kept playing because I just needed to know what happened next.


Knight, on the other hand, felt way too cookie-cutter for me. If you're a fan of traditional hero stories, good vs evil and so on, you might enjoy it. It was 'epic' in the sense that it had a large impact on the overall plot of the game, but to be honest the writing felt subpar. There were a few decent twists, but overall it was grindy (go here and defeat this super-villain, over and over). For those ASOIAF fans, just imagine Ned Stark succeeding in his plans and the realm saved. Too simple and predictable really, in my opinion.


I'm currently playing Warrior and enjoying it so far. Rather than 'omg a new bad guy go get him, just forget the Emperor for now we'll get to him later' like the Knight story, the planets you go to all seem to tie in to the overarching storyline.

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There are SO many of these threads already....


But, the Imperial Agent is, at least in my opinion, the best class story in the game, full of intrigue and a lot of scheming. It can also be one of the most infuriating to playthrough based on how the story panes out and how well invested you are with your character.

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