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Possible Merc Fixes


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Since I am completely content with the PVE merc experience, these two changes are primarily directed towards improving the PVP experience for arsenal/pyro mercs. I personally feel that our main problem is that we can be lept to and then annihilated within a matter of seconds with nothing we can do about it. Therefore...


1) Flamethrower now slows enemies - this makes it easier for us to set melee on fire and give us time to escape if they are up close.

2) add a new skill that removes all movement impairing effects (not stuns) and jetpacks player 5-10 meters backwards - This will act as an almost secondary jet escape for us. We can escape from sniper foot shots and can get away from warrior charges much easier. Bounty hunters are not supposed to be fighting in people's faces. This allows us more freedom to position ourselves strategically and pick and choose the battles that we want to fight (you always see jango fett jet away in the movies for that extra edge. Yes he still dies in the end but at least his jet pack gave him a fighting chance).


IMHO these are all that we really need. Since much of our damage comes from unload we dont really need something that makes us uninterruptable as we can just powershot when our tracer is interrupted for decent damage. Our survivability should come from being able to escape from sticky situations so that we are actually given a fighting chance. In the star wars universe you never hear about bounty hunters running into things guns blazing. We take our time and choose our targets carefully from jumping in and exit combat quickly if things dont go our way. These changes if implemented would give good players the edge they need to escape from marauders, get out of range of sniper ambushes, and overall contribute to a better pvp experience for everyone. These have the potential to add a whole new level of strategy and depth to the merc experience. Please let me know what you guys think :)

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