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shield amplification vs shrouded crusader

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can I assume that most pure defense/tank guardians prefer +405 absorb 6s every 20 than +255 Shield/absorb for 20s?


I like the fact the first automatically triggers WHEN the shield is activated. Using the second first assumes that the shield WILL activate but also puts more responsibility for me to rotate it through my +350 defense relic.


I'd like to free up the toolbar slot as well


Not fully geared yet but I'm at:

damage red: 46%

Defense chance: 21% (28% with relic)

shield chance: 38.25%

shield absorbption: 35%

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I think, in any case shield > absorb, cause shield works against enemy's crits. If you get less crits, you live more more long.

that's not quite right. it doesn't work 'against' the crit's, it works 'alongside' the crits. You don't get 'less' crits because of your shield because, in fact, the crit % can actually reduce (push off) the shield if crit % is high enough. 100%-crit%-shield% = normal hit where shield is reduced to ensure this number is never negative


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