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To Bioware: Tips to Profit from us!


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I will prefix this to say I have unsubbed my account until we see some action. I know there are so many threads on this forum about this crap. I am personally annoyed that we all put so much money into this game and cannot even see the basics. My server just died out this week for the most part and was pretty active 3 weeks ago. Now its just me and whoever I can beg to login from my guild. Not Good! :sy_auction:


Bioware: You want to fix the subscriptions and get more activity in your game?


1 - Screw 1.3: You do not need to worry about this anymore. Yes Legacy is "interesting" but it wont be cool when the devs are the only people playing it. I could care less about a LFG interface. I can find people when there ARE PEOPLE ON THE SERVER. I still do not understand that you are putting so much time into things we do not need at the moment. Currently we cannot find anyone because there isnt anyone.


2 - Next Patch should be OPEN character moves to any server. Also maybe close a few servers and make a more detailed scale of server populations. This stuff does not take long to do if you get the guys together.


3 - Second Patch should fix guild issues (Mass Message, Guild Taxes, Interface) and more accessibility to mobile devices. Games like WoW do wonderful due to the Apps, communication, and data streams from the game. As an App/Forum/Website dev I want this so bad for this game.


4 - Patch 1.X with all your "cheat/credit sink" I mean legacy system stuff. Im sure you have 90% of it done but still it is beyond me that it is taking this long.


In the mean time everyone on this forum should NOT entertain the thought of anything else until we see what this game needs now. If the devs post things about new "hilts, companions, crystals, ways to take your credits" give them one phrase back: "Server Transfers".


End this madness now! :mad:

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Hello everyone,


We do appreciate when anyone has taken the time to express their thoughts and concerns. We will be closing this thread, as there is little room for constructive discussion. However, we do value any feedback and do encourage anyone to voice their feedback on the forums. We only ask that feedback focus on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ itself, and that it is constructive and as detailed as possible.


Because a thread about this topic already exists, we'll be closing this thread in order to consolidate discussion. We encourage you to join the existing discussion here:


FREE Character Transfers are Coming!


We thank you for your time and your understanding that we've closed this thread.

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