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A quick and small compendium of Early Access thoughts


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Explained as it follows:




The ones that didn't yet get the invite and still scream on the forums, pissing their pants @ home, beating their pets, channeling their full anger on their lover(s), clearly don't know what patience is. You would make a horrible Jedi, not worthy of using the good side of the Force at it's best, so I suggest you join the Imperial, ''bad'' side of things so that we, the good old hearted, calm players could play on the ''bright side'' alone, without you trolls in our necks.




The ones that didn't yet get the invitational mail but are not crying it out loud, are patient, calm and with their heart pacified can join us, and our Republic but only with the condition that you will remain silent until you get in the game. Any attempt of zerging your thoughts on the forums on the last days before launch (when you will still not be able to connect to the game because Early Access is harsh) will lead to your betrayal and will propulse you to the dark side of the force.




The ones, HOWEVER, that made it in the game by receiveing the invitational mail, coming here on the forums, showing off, letting us know how wonderful the game is (Even with AA not implemented yet) can go back playing WOW and leave us alone. Though, if they know how to behave, we can rejoin them and wait for the terrifying kung fu panda madness to overwhelm all of us.

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