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Motivation Choices


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As a game that strives to give people the ability to participate in storylines that develop the character they play, I find it odd as to how little control one has over the way their characters can interact with Story NPCs. Let me elaborate.


When I choose [i don't care] I assume my character will say something that sounds as if he truly doesn't care or actually say exactly what I chose. Yet I often get an overly sarcastic option (which seemed out of place for my IA). It is funny how the NPC will often react to the choice as if I had literally said it. An example was when I chose something like [i'm no volunteer] but said something more like "What will I get out of this?" to which the NPC replied "I'm not asking for you to volunteer. We can come to an agreement." This happens all the time.


What I propose is a mouseover/additional option to select motivation. For example, the option [i'm not scared of Jedi] comes up, if i mouseover/select it the the options of [sarcastic], [serious], and [Pretending] comes up. I select one and it changes what I say/do. One instance I would have loved to continue with my path was when bargaining with a Coruscant lowlife for information about Skavik's whereabouts. For the duration of the convo I was intimidating and not taking her excuses, but then suddenly I obey her and continue on. As a smuggler couldnt I have shot her in the legs and made her tell me? If not why bother with the intimidation at all?


I am aware the amount it would cost would probably be too much for such a request, but even if it was only for class quests I would be satisfied. Just something to think about.

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