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The game is coming together more and more with these patches. Especially 1.3 by what it looks like it will have. Our personal Legacy is just the start of much better and bigger things I believe. Like being able for player marriages in game and form OUR legacy based on what real life characters we have. Would be nice marrying my gf in game and having kids throughout the Legacy. That would be really cool and I think players would take MUCH advantage of that.


I think they are really making a good effort to listen to us and the more and more q and a information that goes out brings us closer to what we can expect coming up. BioWare seems to know what they are doing more and more as they get into the mmo world. Give em a break, it's their first venture into the mmorpg world and are doing a H.ELL of a lot better than most with their first venture this short into the game.


I can't wait to see what's in store for the future. This game seems to be coming together and getting better and better. I love it and I have officially decided it's my main mmo. I know..I usually have two...but with me this game is just too good to not play. BioWare, keep up the good work. The things that come out show your quality and you work on it a little longer than other companies to get it right, then smash it out of the park. Then others are hard pressed to keep up with you. Keep at it, and you guys will have tons of new players :)

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