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legacy / transfer char's changes.


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HI all


I was wondering about the transfer and the bound legacy


1) when transfers are ready and beeing used wil ALL CHAR'S transferd from the old to the new server ??

2) Wil it be posible to transfer lets say 2 char out off 7 char from the old to the new server ??

3) Wil it be posible to transfer lets say 2 char and 2 char from DIF SERVERS to the same server ??

4)HOw wil legacy be affected by this fransfer ( looking at these 3 Qeustions ).


Right know i have legacy's unlocked by useing 2 lvl 50 Char's and some low char's.( ON 2 SERVERS ).

Wil the legacy still be compleet if I splitup my char's 50 to the new server and let the lower's on the old server ??

What wil happen ( if its possible ) when char's from multie servers are combined on 1 server with the legacy ??


PLz a good and clear answer

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Ya, I curious how transfers will affect legacy too... I want my inquisitor assassin on my republic server, but they have different legacies...

I'm fine If they'd have to share a legacy, I guess; I just don't like how it be a waste of legacy levels...


Oh well.

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I think you get to pick the legacy name from the two.


Then you will get the higher level of the two and the unlocks from both legacys will be shared. Saying you have all 2 buffs from legacy 1 and 2 buffs from legacy 2 then you will get the 4.

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Greetings everyone!


We would like to give you the following information on one of our recent Community Q + A Blogs for May 25th, 2012:


CompassRose: Many players are concerned about the upcoming character transfer feature. One question frequently being voiced in the forums is that of retaining their legacy surname. Is there a mechanic in the transfer feature that will notify a player if the destination server they choose already has their surname locked by another player?


Daniel: We’re not quite (almost!) ready to talk about the specifics but rest assured we are doing everything we can to make the process as easy and low-impact to the greatest majority of players as possible. We should have better specifics soon.


From our Community Q + A Blog for May 11th, 2012:


RKLimes: I recall a developer post indicating the results of transferring a character with a Legacy from one server onto another where a Legacy also exists, the highest level legacy would simple be applied rather than added. Since higher Legacy level does not necessarily equal greatest number of Legacy unlocks, will any and all unlocks be granted from either Legacies, or only those of the highest?


Daniel: Legacies will be merged in the most advantageous possible way for the player. They’re your rewards, you earned them, we don’t want to prevent you from moving them wherever you like. So any unlocks gained by the character you’re moving will come with that character, even if the Legacy they are moving into is a lower level.


You could find these responses and more in our Weekly Q + A Archive!


We hope this is of some assistance! :jawa_smile:

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