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Scavenging query


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Hi All


I was on Belsavis not long ago and during a mission there (involving disabling land mines in some sort of open-air installation with armed guards hanging about, as I recall) I noticed some Scavenging nodes in the same area that needed a 400 skill to gather the materials. I've forgotten where the place is!! Any idea anyone, pretty please?

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You ran into the Belsavis daily area. Or rather, areas, since it's split into two chunks connected by transporters.

One is in the far north of The Tomb. The other is in High Security; west-southwest corner if you're a hero of the Republic, south corner if you're Imperial scum. Three kinds of nodes spawn in there:

Neutronium Speeder Parts (295): Neutronium and Amorphous Carbonite

Durasteel Shipwreck (340): Durasteel and Zal Alloy

Enriched Durasteel Cache (400): Durasteel, Zal Alloy, and one unit of Enriched Durasteel


Enriched Durasteel, found ONLY in the Belsavis daily area, is used by Armstechs to make the Gormak Energy-Cell AlphaWave Inhibitor, which can protect you from the Nightmare Pilgrim's gnarly AoE. The schematic for that can be purchased for 10 Daily Commendations from the Mission Support Vendors in the High Security section of the Belsavis daily area.

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