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What I am missing...


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I could care less about a LFG tool here, what I am missing from SWTOR...


- Saber effects

• When I trail along the wall there should be markings

• When rain hits the lightsaber beam it should evaporate (I think DK has rain somewhere)

• Dismemberment (let me chop off an arm of an enemy player)

• Powerfull saber... it should only take 1 hit from my saber to drop enemies... (cutting them in half)


- Force powers

• Force Jumps (20-30 meters into the air) not only the combat move force leap. I feel glued down with my Jedi here.

• Soft landings from great heights

• Force run up the walls


Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy is a 9 year old game and it has all this and more, how comes they can't integrate this into SWTOR? I guess it is a game engine limitation. Another shortfall of SWTOR :(


I wanted SWTOR to succeed, but it looks more and more like the game will dissappear into the sarlac pit. :(

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One other major reason is that contrary to many SW based games, this game is not centered on Jedis only, you have smugglers and many others so that it should be balanced. In SW world of course Jedis are the most powerful beings in "1v1". But in an MMO you have to balance that. A "real" jedi wouldn't take that many bullets from a smuggler for example.
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