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A concern over East Coat RP-PVP servers


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I have a slight concern over the current state of RP-PVP servers on the US East Coast.


At this point in time, there are two US RP-PVP servers: Jung Ma, and Ajunta Pall.


There are (currently) 43 east coast servers versus 21 west coast servers, yet the current RP-PVP ratio across the coasts is 1 to 1.


Our guild is almost entirely East Coast based, and the Jung Ma server is already full. This means we have to make the choice to roll on an already full server, which isn't the best idea, or roll on a West coast server (Ajunta Pall), which is also a bad idea.


Are there any plans to open new RP-PVP servers on the East coast today? Our guild has to make a decision as to which server to roll on, since we don't want our members to have to re-roll later.


Thanks for you time. :)

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