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Epic stress test for the forums


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You think that was their plan all along ;)


Honestly, as much as I'd like to bash all the whiners on here today, BW and EA deserve some of it for not being specific enough with their announcements. Terms like "up to 5 days" and "emails will start going out on the 13th" end up raising many peoples expectations needlessly. In business I always find it best to be as strait forward with my customers as possible, set firm deadlines and stick to them.

Its almost like their effort of kindness to extend the pre-game entry to the 13th is now backfiring. Most of us were expecting the 15th to be the start of the pre-launch and it should have stayed at that. Now with these "wave" invitations its questionable if that will be the case for everyone.


Very few people on here actually know what difficulties and issues BW is handling at this moment to ************ for early access is not going to help. The stress test during beta seamed successful but having something fail at launch is dangerous for a game like this so I understand the need for extra care.


Having said all that, whoever stated "Patience is a virtue" was not a product of this 21st century ADD / anxiety epidemic :)

I might have to go back on my meds till launch ;)


Hope to see everyone online and PVPing soon enough!!!!

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