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Biochem - Radioactive paste


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Hello Bioware,


I am looking for an official response on no longer getting Rich yield missions for medical samples in Diplomacy. I have not seen a Rich yield mission in months, as a result i have only gotten 4 radioactive pastes in the last few months. Whatever changed you need to reevaluate it. I ran missions all day yesterday and had zero yield. Do you not want us to craft the items that require it? I have not been able to find in official comments on the change in drop rate so i am looking for some answers.



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Before 1.2 there were T6 missions that showed up as Rich but were in fact really Moderate both in cost and yield (happened with UT as well). This display bug was fixed in 1.2. The highest yield missions (in any mission skill) have always been Abundant. So just keep running Abundant T6 missions to get the maximum yield.


That you are not getting Radioactive Paste (T6 purple) has in fact nothing to do with the yield, you will only get purple mats from a critical mission result regardless of the yield. The yield determines how many purple mats you get from a critical result.







Increasing your companion's affection will increase your chances for a critical result.

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I don't know how it's been lately on your servers but I'm making a killing selling the mission discoveries. I started at 9k a mission but as I realized they were selling like hotcakes I gradually increased. Now I sell them for 20-25k (depending on my mood lol) and they still get purchased within minutes! I don't wanna go higher than that though, I wanna keep my customers happy :) Edited by Black-Cell
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I watch this market closely and on my server the mission discoveries that are under 30K get bought up very quickly. At the same time the cost of radioactive paste has dropped . At prices where they previously cleared, they are sitting for 2 days.


I'm guessing that more people have gone diplomacy and are now doing the missions themselves instead of buying the paste on the market for their implants and stims/adrenals.


Interesting trend, but not sure how to really capitalize on it.

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