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stuff I want on my ship

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I know that BioWare are attempting with Legacy to strike a delicate balance between giving you convenience features for your ship and not drawing people away from the Fleet, but with that said, here are some things I want on my personal starship:


  • PvP mission terminal - while I like some of the social opportunities that can happen with people hanging around the Combat quarter of the fleet, I know I'm not alone in using my ship as a PvP lobby of sorts (owing to quick load time). It's really annoying to have to travel back to the fleet once per day to pick up the daily
  • Crew Skill Vendor - ideally, just put crew skill items on the astromech droid vendor for which I already shelled out a million credits, but if I have to shell out more credits for another vendor, I'll do it


Those are the main ones. Does anybody have anything they'd like to add?

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