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Training dummies + expertise stat?


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If we want to test out the practical effects of PvE gear, we can equip different gear, wack a training dummy a few times and examine the results.


We can also look at our melee, ranged, tech, force derived stats to see how things like bonus damage change as we equip items with different stats.


How can we theorycraft the effects of the PvP expertise stat? Are logs from real PvP WZs the only way? How about duels or open world PvP?




We are told that expertise matters much more than other stats for PvP but there must be some point at which this is not true. E.g. perhaps

+100,000 <primary stat> and + 100,000 endurance > +1 expertise


Likewise, there must be a break even point (for any given increment to current stats).

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I believe there are 2 types of dummies. One for simulating pve boss, one for simulating pvp.


Yes, but I think the PvP one doesn't take account of Expertise. I do 20% less than tooltip damage on my main with 1250 Expertise on Force Lightning (which has no variation on damage). I take my level 20 alt with 0 Expertise and although I don't have another alt with a fixed damage armor-mitigated attack (I think FL is the only energy attack that does fixed damage), I can pick something with a small range of damage (i.e. less than 50 spread) and it sure looks like I'm still only hitting for 20% below tooltip damage.

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