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What is a "bad"?


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A bad actually isn't a player that isn't good at PvP. A bad is a player that does not put effort into improving. Some examples:

1) Fresh 50 showing up in a WZ with greens and sub 100 expertise

2) DPS class that doesn't break 100k dps when other dps classes on their team are in the 300k - 500k range

3) Player in CW or NC that quits and defends the single turret their team has. They just want defender medals.


Why does this make good players upset? Good players see it as their responsibility to prepare themselves as best as they can to help the team they are on. It is simply rude to not try at all, and instead depend on others to win for you. Good players don't want to be a drain on their team, and they get upset at bad players who are.


Most MMO players these days, particularly ones that PVP a great deal, came from the FPS world. They're mind set it that of an individual, not a team player. As they see it they're in it to win it but unfortunately they have to drag these other 7 losers with them.

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