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Star Wars: The Old Republic's subscriber numbers fall


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theres an article on the BBC News Website about subcribers falling just a snipet below


Online video game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" has seen about a 25% drop in subscribers, according to its publisher Electronic Arts (EA).


The firm revealed that the title had 1.3 million active subscribers at the end of April, compared to "a little over" 1.7 million in February.


i wonder why ...lol because the game is un playable for alot of people and things are not getting sorted out two many different answers from customer droids about problems


need to sort out problems before adding more new content or more people will leave

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Hello everyone,


We know that a number of you wish to discuss the recent subscription number announcement and in order to keep the discussion together we ask that everyone use this thread. This will help to ensure our forums are tidy and everyone can participate in the ongoing conversation. We will be closing this thread, feel free to carry on there!

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