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New level 50 tank, where to start?

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Recruit isn't too bad, although it's still pvp gear. I wouldn't try to do D7 or Kaon in it, but the rest is probably fair game. The Esseles and False Emperor are good Hard Modes to start with as they are pretty tame (though FE is a little on the long side). Make sure your dps are pretty good if you plan to do False Emp, as the droid boss (name withheld for spoiler reasons) is a pretty big dps check. Taral V is also a good intro Hard Mode, pretty simple place.


Just don't attempt the bonus bosses unless the rest of your party is either well geared or knows the strats down cold. If you need any help with the FPs you can post questions in this thread or just hit up the Flashpoint/Ops forum.

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