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1.2 Patch - Admission


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I know you guys are probably thinking, "oh great, another 1.2 patch thread" but I promise I will keep it short ;).


Around April 5th, I decided to take a break from the game as I was getting burned out from overplaying. (I currently have a 39 Assassin, 37 Sniper, 33 Powertech (?), 31 Commando, 21 Shadow, 19 Guardian, 14 Gunslinger, 12 Sorcerer,and a few toons in the levels 1-10 range). I guess you can say I'm an altoholic.


Once they said that Rated Warzones would be in 1.2, I decided to focus on my Assassin but couldn't really get back into the game due to being burnout out. I decided to wait until a week before 1.2 before I grinded the last 11 levels.


As I reinstalled the game on my PC, I heard that RWZs were pulled from 1.2 and I became skeptical about this patch. Instead of whining about it, I decided to give 1.2 a chance through skeptical eyes. Then the whole "Level 50 incident" came around and I lost more faith in Bioware until yesterday when they altered the Promotion.


Now I must give Bioware credit here (and I will admit I was hasty in my skeptical ways): 1.2 is still a blast. The gameplay has been increased significantly (for those who were complaining about that pre 1.2), the Legacy system is a blast to level again, Novare Coast is tons of fun to play and I still haven't tried the PVE side yet.


The only thing I would like to point out is when I alt/tab from the game, the loading screen does take a bit to load back into the game, though this may just be my PC.


Well done Bioware with this patch. If future patches are handled like this, TOR will have a long, successful life afterall.


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