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New 50s in WZ are in f


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:mad:Just hit 50 a week ago prior to 1.2 release and was dying a lot in PvP but I was gaining rewards and slowly buying gear. Prior to hitting 50 I woud be getting plenty of medals so, yes I know how to play my toon in PvP. Now that 1.2 is out and you get put in with other low level 50s on you Team and the other Team is geared, when you lose you get get NOTHING, which means you can spend countless hours and not making a dent in your gear (being on the Rupublic with only 30% of the population being Republic means the chances of more gear players is less). There is almost no way for a new 50 to gear up in a reasonable amount of time. This new change is absolutely wrong and only hurts all new 50s. SWTOR pull your head out, who is the brain trust that thought this was OK.
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