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Please let me use my battlemaster comms


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I am a Valor Rank 70 in all champion gear with 15 battlemaster commendations that I can no longer use. I was saving up for the whole set so I could practice in lesser gear and then just be like BAM BM gears. I wasn't around during the week before the patch, log in last night to a terrible pvp experience, but that is anotehr thread, and can't use the month worth of tokens. Not fair at all. No one wants to do rated wtih the healer who is in champion gear :(. In other games they give us a 2 week heads up and everyone and their mother knows when things are giong to be reset. If the launcher screen gave me a heads up and said your comms are worthless next week that would have helped too.


Please let us use our commendations on the gear we eared I am not grinding it out again :/

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