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Getting those high crits with guardian


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hi starting this thread because i have seen lots of guardians/juggernauts who use force sweep (jedi version) and hit 4k and above crits, i have even seen a 7k crit with this. For me though my crits get no where near this. I am lvl 50 geared in some BM gear and took vigilance spec. Any advice on how to get that amazing aoe damage.
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You should be interested in Focus spec. Here is a quicky: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500ZfhMZhMRrdfRrcz.1 (I'm not a JG or jug so there may be some talents swaping).


Main talents you are interested are:

Felling Blow - after leap your sweep is 100% crit. Execute it in 20 secs.

Singularity - each tick of Force Stasis and Force Exhaustion grants you Singularity, increasing the damage your next Force Sweep deals by [12.5 / 25]%. Stacks up to 4 time


It's pretty much all there is to it. Of course you need to manipulate your gear(surge etc).




Force exhaustion -> wait for 4 ticks -> leap to target -> sweep -> enjoy.

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