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Crafted Oranges Not RE'ABLE... Why? And Other complaints...


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Ok if I can craft and orange from my Armormech, Synthweaver, etc... Why they heck CAN I NOT Reverse Engineer it. Yes I realize that it won't Improve but, if I can now create an Orange with an Augment slot I'm going to re' any of the ones that DON'T have the slot. So now I've crafted 3 Orange Chest pieces that I know more then likely won't sell on Auction unless I put them up for dirt cheap. So I'll probably just end up vending them.



Fix this Issue!


For it is indeed an Issue, because I was under the impression when I first started crafting with my various crafters (which I have one of each and 4 of them are at 400) that any oranges I could craft, I could also reverse engineer. This was done before the botched patch the other day so it may now be changed, but since there are NO PATCH NOTES for this 200mb patch we had to download I don't know what was fixed.



Everything below is complaints for what they did in the 1.2 "Game Improvements"


Also Stop balancing whats not broken in my opinion... Nerfed some of my Mercs Healing... WHY? Were other healers complaining that Mercs healing was better? I don't think so... My Sorcerers heals are 10x better then my Mercs heals anyday and my Merc is better geared. The Merc's AOE heal blows compared to the Sorc's AOE which can make me a healing machine... Sorc: Oh crap running out of force, throw down aoe heal and use consume several times... ok all better, keep healing away. BH tries something like that and is stuck overheated cause everything else is on CD already. And that brings me to another thing you messed with, they heat mitigation on Merc (Bodyguards) now its going to be harder to "keep cool" to keep the heals going....



Now on Medpacks now only usable ONCE PER COMBAT... thats is DUMB as crap... I Made my Assassin a Biotech just so I could have the reusable medkit. I don't have to use it a lot since i usually run with a friend who's running a healer but when we get over our heads it comes in handy when he's out of force AND health and i've still got a ton of mobs to take care of. Medpacks ALREADY had a 90sec cooldown they don't need further restrictions.


Oh yeah and CLASS BALANCE ISN'T a FEATURE, so don't list it as one... (It's under Other Features on the front page listing on 1.2) It's the Devs thinking they are improving the game when every character I've made now has to respec because of changes so I have to go through all my characters (14 of them) and put their "skills" back in.


//End RANT

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