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Black Hole commendations...

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Where to obtain Black Hole Commendations?

  • Corellia Black Hole weekly – 6 Black Hole commendations/ week
  • Weekly quest Rakghoul Conflicts (complete Hardmode Lost Island and Kaon Under Siege) - 8 Black Hole Commendations
  • [WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points for defeating Colonel Vorgath in Explosive Conflict also give you 8 Black Hole Comms
  • Nightmare Pilgrim – World Boss on Voss
  • Storymode Explosive Conflict – 2 Black Hole Commendations per boss, 4 per chest (3 chests found so far)
  • Hardmode Explosive Conflict – 4 Black Hole Commendations per boss, 4 per chest.
  • Nightmare Karagga’s Palace

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