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Disappointed at Sith team on PvE server


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Was Dalborra server on Alderaan couple lvl 50 jedi players and me and my group attack getting killed. We managed to get 12 people or more to counter attack. YAY woo we did it. Little did we no it was guild attack so more game prob majority of their guild. So the Ops group breaks up *** then jedi attack us on seperate occassions and no one wants to help like 100 people on alderaan and hardly anyone wants to fight of the attackers. EXCUSE: PvE server. UMM ok yes PvE server but the difference from PVP is that its constanly attack attack attack in the open areas. in PvE u choose when u wanna attack if that makes sense. Its like my first p2p mmo and and something like this hasnt happened b4 while playing SWTOR i was all pumped and stuff but then let down by server team. I am disgusted in some of the SITH players they shouldnt even b called Sith. Anyway just saying im dissapointed in this and would expect more especially Sith
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