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The Low Level "PvP" items are way overpriced.


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I have made several calculations based on my pvping and experience in getting "PvP"(we all know it's a great PvE gear too) gear for my low lvl alts. Old costs were balanced so you could farm the gear which took you some time but the gear would still benefit you, now it's broken, to say the least vulgar word for it.


Let's calculate shall we?


New Price's


Weapon - 900 coms

Chest, Head, Leg pieces - 550 coms

Gloves, Belt, Boots - 475 coms

Wrists - 375 coms

Earpiece, Implants - 310 coms


Total - 5280 coms


I will take a good PvP'er as an example 1

And a bad PvP'er as an example 2

Both of them start at lvl 10 and want to get lvl 20 gear.


Nr 1 will average at 60 coms and 6k xp per WZ because he always gets at least 8 medals and mostly wins.

Nr 2 will average at 30 coms and 4k xp per WZ because he rarely gets more than 4 medals and mostly loses.


So let's divide and multiplicate!


Nr 1:


5280 / 60 = 88 WZ!

88 x 6000 = 528 000

The amount of experience you need from lvl 10 to 20 is ~560k exp

So number 1 will get his gear barely before lvl 20 IF he does only WZ.


Nr 2:


5280 / 30 = 176 WZ!

176 x 4000 = 704 000

The amount of expierience you need from lvl 10 to 20 is ~560k exp

So number 2 will get his gear around lvl 23/24 IF he does only WZ.


But if they will quest in the meantime, the gear they will gather through PvP will fastly become useless or even will become useless before they get it all. And I'm not accounting for PvP/PvE/Space Mission dailies which most players do to maximize their experience gains.


Conclusions? Level 20 and Level 40 "PvP" gear is WAY TOO PRICEY.

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Considering BM prices, lvl 40+ gear is ok, anything else is nonsense.


Considering lowered comms reward and doubled consumables prices, you can't buy anything anymore anyway... :o

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