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Guild Bank and crafting.


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Now that we have got our guild banks and I have had time to play with it, I knowtesed something was missing that I admitedly assumed was going to be there. The Guild Bank can not be used as a sorce for crafting mats in the same way as your personal bank can.


I therefor propose that guild banks have options to allow members to use materials in teh bank for crafting just like how it works now for personal banks. There would need to be an order of priority, again just like now.


Invantory > Personal Bank > Guild Bank.


This is kind of the reason I got the bank in the first place. Our primary goal for the bank was sharing crafting mats and our secondary goal is sharing Recipes and Missions. We can still do this as it is now but we realy wanted to beable to craft anyware with the mats in the Guild bank just like we can with the mats in our personal bank.


I think I reiterated the idea maybe a little too much, but I think you get it. Anyway, thoughts?

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