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Thank You Dr. Zeschuk!


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I have a 3-6 month rule for mmorpg's. That is, I wait for 3-6 months after release to sub, simply because the multitude of gameplay mechanics/systems inherent to the genre require at least that much time live to polish to make the game enjoyable.


But TOR is a Bioware game. And this is 100% true: KotOR is the only game I ever played through 3 times. Hell, even Planescape: Torment only got 2 play throughs. Gasp, I know.


So I jumped on the TOR bandwagon at the start. At launch. Go figure. And it was a blast. I forget which of your dev's said it best: "We wanted to create a world where you could play with your Star Wars action figures with your friends." So true!


And I also listened to another quote about endgame, the idea that you would roll an alt. Build a legacy, explore the stories and the world. So that is how I played. I listened. For the 1st time I didn't grind to 50 straight away to do endgame. It's Bioware. The 4th pillar. I left the space bar alone...well at least with regards to the class quests, because I know you guys can check that stuff :)


And the 1.2...the "Jesus" patch. And it is! It's the best quality of life update I've ever seen! I'm such an altoholic...I was having a blast until I logged out and saw the announcement that came down on 4/12.


And now it's fixed. Of course it should be tied to legacy, not level. Legacy is what makes TOR different. And story. I daydream about my TOR stories, I do. I'm a nerd. But now I don't feel stupid about not racing to 50 in TOR like every other mmog I've played. Which is plenty.


Thanks for earning my loyality.


Jim Radzom, Portland Oregon.

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