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[READ] PvP problems and solutions


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PVP suggestion - If anyone knows a better place to post this so that it may be noticed by a developer or helper, feel free to do so. Comment if you agree, this system could really work and benefit the SWTOR PvP community.


As you all know, many SWTOR players have complained about the unfairness of the PvP system. I would like to point out some of the problems and how they may be resolved in the near future.



Currently, the PVP queues players and arrange matches based on level, as in, a bracket of player below the level 50, and a bracket for players above 50. This fixed the early issue of level 50's being much stronger than lower levels and more difficult to take down, thus making it fair... for a certain time. However, certain level 50's which have been around for quite a while, are now over powered than new level 50 players trying to advance in the game. This issue is caused by the armor rating system. The armor applies stat boosts such as endurance, armor, willpower, strength... ect. Players (level 50) who have been around collect armor which gives them a total rating exceeding in the thousands (5000 – 10000 armor rating). New level 50 players have not acquired such armor and have a rating of around (2000 or so armor rating) , leaving experienced players 4 to 5 times stronger... This is not fair in the level 50 PvP missions. In addition the 1.2 patch changed the losing team in PvP to gain no experience, commendations, or valor, which makes it much more difficult to acquire powerful armor for PvP, due to other players who gained the battle master and champion armor before patch 1.2.



The PvP brackets should be based off a system of the characters' armor rating level, say a range of 2000 or 3000 difference of the highest and lowest AR. This will allow for equality and far chance for each player and team to be triumphant in PvP. In addition, reincorporate the winnings or exp, commendations, and valor into the PvP system for the losing side, If you must have higher reward for the winning team, then give them an extra percentage of winnings... say - 50% .


Key points:

Make PvP bracket based from characters armor rating.

Add losing team winnings again, and extra reward for winning teams.

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