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1.2 Update - The good and the bad


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- The new warzone is very fun, the map was very well done and looks beautiful with the new updated high quality textures.


- Being able to pull the mods and set bonuses out of pvp armor finally allows us to make our character look the way it wants.


- The game allows you to trade in your old champion and centurion commendations for money

A lot of animations have been fixed and make the game function more fluid.


- Target of Target, enough said.




- The set bonuses do not appear right when they are moved from one piece to another

It is completely inexcusable to have this much time to perfect ranked warzones and then pull it on the last day because it "doesn't function properly"


- The fact that there is no 8-man queuing at all is a huge let down, there is no reason to not have 8 man groups for normal warzones


- Some of the changes they made to certain classes such as my sentinel actually make them less valuable to the team and more selfish in terms of play style (we do not bring anything special to the plate in huttball anymore)


- The miniscule amount of warzone commendations and credits you gain especially if you lose, makes you almost not want to bother


- Resolve still has numerous reported issues




The Good:


- The new flashpoint is very challenging and the story kept me interested to a point where I want to go back and play it again


- The number of new mechanics and moves that have not been seen before are incredibly fun


- The new operation also proves to be quite challenging


- Also very nice that we can more our PvE mods around


- Target of target, enough said


The Bad:


- The older operations have bugs that have blatantly been ignored


- I could already distinguish a few bugs in the new flashpoint, especially with ads


- The fact that hard mode lost island drops columni pieces doesn't make sense seeing as how you practically need columni pieces to beat it's hard mode


- Looking for group still sucks




The Bad:


- Apart from the armor mod flexibility, they don't really seem to give a **** about roleplayers




The Good:


- Good solid start to the guild bank, functions well and easy to use


The Bad:


-There is a very critical bug where moving items between vaults makes the game think your trying to withdraw an item and counts against your withdraw quota


- Only the guild leader can make critical changes


- I would like to see a tax system


- Way too money hungry while trying to expand




The Good:


- Game seems to be more fluent


- Tauntauns


- I like the advanced class icons


- GUI customization works very well


- The expanded legacy system looks to be very interesting and awarding


- Graphics have improved


- Frame rates have improved


The Bad:


- No head outfit on Twi'leks, wich makes it sad to be a Gunslinger without the hat


-The ambient noises on the republic fleet make me want to kill my baby tauntaun


- The matching armor color system does not work as well as it was advertised and often resets itself


- Does not have a way for people who actively spend credits and dont want to throw their lives away doing dailies to make money


-The results are not up to par with the wait time and a lot of bugs that were advertised to be fixed are not



We also need to remember that the game is 4 months old. The update was good with a few issues but im not gonna judge the game now, but in 9-12 months. Give the game some time and i think they will improve a lot in the future. Tough i still think they released the game to early.


(A friend of mine wrote this and i posted it for him :) ).

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