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A couple of idea for "outside the box" end game content.


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Earlier today I was remembering one of the most fun "missions" I experienced when leveling my Sith Warrior and it got an idea floating around in my head. I don't remember the name of the mission itself but it involved a coordinated strike on a base on Taris with all of your companions. LT Pierce held off a door, Vette was trying to bypass security, and I believe Quinn stuck with you. This kind of coordinated effort with your companions was awesome and one of the only times, so far, while playing that I felt like your companions worked together as a team.


This led me toward an idea of an additional end game mode; companion focused missions/story events. In these missions you could go through a flashpoint-esque environment with a team consisting of you and 3 of your companions. By definition this content would be solo-able, and the rewards gained from going through such content could be more designed for upgrading/advancing companion gear and customization options, and thus would not interfere with current PvE gear/content.


By doing this, you could also expand on companion story lines, and can create a greater feeling of comradarie with your "crew". Plus, it can give players that have trouble finding groups, an extra something to do if they don't want to PvP, do dailies, or Hardmode FP's, and it can help sell the additional content you try to create with each addition of FP's and Ops.




The second idea I had was a different take on dailies, with a focus on trying to breathe life into other planets. With a great deal of the game focused on the war between Republic and Empire, you can have certain missions/events take place on each Planet, and cycle them each week. One week, your daily missions can be about cutting reinforcing supplies/forces on Taris, the next week your faction can have missions trying to hold off key points of Hoth from invading forces. Having events where open world PvP involved can help make the different planets feel more dynamic, as well as giving a greater dynamic feel to the Galactic war that is broken out.




These are just basic ideas, but I feel like they have potential to add more content/depth/character/fun to the game.

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