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1.2 a different view


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They addressed some key issues, Camera being a big one, UI etc.. If your reading this chances are this isn't news. so, you want more, so do I. You want rated pvp, I hear you. My advice, go get your gear and see where you stand after that. I'm going to get flamed for saying this but 1v1 I have never played an MMO this balanced. If you think one class can beat all others, I'm here to tell you you're wrong. If you think a group setup with a variety of classes is better, you're right. problem is people do not play their characters to there full potential, its amazing to me. most people on the forums who gripe about balance simply do not recognize the game in its entirety and cannot identify the weakness in other classes, they are there! Go duel, think about how to counter the other class, you will find more then enough techniques to bring the fight down to the wire, I duel everyday with a lot of people and all classes all skill levels, the difference between people who know other classes and what they do and what to look out for are by far are the most successful. It truly is night and day. If you think a certain class has flaws, you are right. They are marginal flaws nothing huge, nothing gamebreaking. I would love to see this game fine tuned, but this isn't a shabby start.
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