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Legacy Armor


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As everyone knows with the 1.2 patch, there's the wonderful legacy armor system and I have a few questions to be resolved with it.


I have a Jedi Guardian, Level 50 and a lower level Sith Juggernaut I was under the impression with this system seeing as it's bound to legacy items that if say I purchased the Sith legacy set on my Juggernaut I'd be able to send it through the mail to my Guardian and wear it, however from what I've seen in the game the set is restricted to Sith Warrior. Seeing as the armor is INHERITANCE items would it not stand to reason that so long as the player on the opposite faction met the same armor wearing requirements, in this case heavy armor, that my Jedi Guardian should be able to wear an inherited set of Sith armor?


From all the information we were given it seemed like the Legacy items would be interchangeable through all of our characters with specific armor restrictions in mind, like my Republic Smuggler wouldn't be able to wear Legacy heavy armor but could wear the agent gear if I were to send it across to the Republic side.


If I was the only one who had this impression of the gear then shame on me, but I was expecting to be able to cross exchange gear so I could wear the Sith gear on my Jedi...

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